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Surface quality redefined

opti-S™ sets new standards for cold heading grades

With the newly developed opti-STM (Optimal Surface) version, a completely new dimension of surface quality has been defined for drawn cold heading grades.

opti-STM can make an immensely high contribution as a raw material, especially for complex components that must guarantee a high degree of defect-free performance. The result is a virtually flawless surface quality that meets completely new quality requirements in further processing. Expensive and time-consuming sorting processes are reduced to a minimum after the forming processes.


In close consultation with the customer, the production sequence is determined individually, taking into account the component requirements, whereby, among other things, surface stripping is carried out. opti-STM can be applied irrespective of the subsequent surface coating of the wire.

opti-S™ at a glance

  • cold heading grades in coil or ring
  • all available surface coatings
  • dimension range 6-25 mm
  • almost flawless surface finish
  • reduces expensive and time-consuming sorting processes
  • individually adapted to later component requirements