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Quality is not a matter of chance

Whether it is the automobile industry or other branches of industry – quality knows no compromises. 

From safety-related vehicle parts to applications in the construction industry to components of mechanical engineering. There and everywhere else where LÜLING wire is used, everything has to be just right.

That is why we simply do not compromise. Our Total-Quality-Management is being systematically implemented and documented using  IATF 16949, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001

Our in-house test laboratory and the traction testing machine check the tensile strength and other parameters of our wire. Our state-of-the-art mechanical and chemical laboratory testing methods as well as microstructural analysis are also an integral part of our quality control.

Our employees have been prepared, from the beginning, and appropriately trained to observe these high quality and safety standards. In order to achieve this, our employees regularly attend external and internal training, which guarantee that everybody is always up-to-date as far as quality assurance is concerned.